Performance Portfolio

Zinhle’s musicianship and performance experience informs all her production work. Her documentary films include original music and she Zinhle performed at Atlas Theatre (DC), the Lincoln Theatre (DC), the White House, the American Visionary Art Museum of Maryland, among others. Her original songs have awards from national performer Shawn Canon and The Credit Union Foundation of Maryland. As a high school student Zinhle excelled in the national Poetry Out Loud recitation contest and went on to perform her original spoken word poetry in Lisner Auditorium, Washington D.C. In 2015, Zinhle studied at Michael Howard Studios, a professional acting studio in New York City.

Vocal Productions and Performances:

  • 2017: Black History Month Concert
  • 2017: A Luta Continua Live Concert

Zinhle curated A Luta Continua a live concert and art exhibition. At the standing-room only event, she performed her original music.

  • 2017: A New Era, New Song

Zinhle performed an original rendition of Solange’s “Weary” and “Rise” entitled: Weary, So I Rise.

  • 2017: The Minority Vote Original Soundtrack





  • 2015: Hands Up Documentary Soundtrack
  • 2015:  Ensemble and solo vocalist: The GW Vibes perform at Downtown Disney
ZMoney and Kiki
  • 2015: Host and Vocalist: Black History Month Concert
  • 2014: Show Host: Co-hosted GW’s “Colonial Challenge” for 400+ attendees at the GW 2014 Leadership Retreat.
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  • 2013: Model, 101 Things to Do at GWU
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  • 2013: Cole Cash music video
Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 11.30.23 PM
  • 2012: Narrator, Community Development Global Citizenship Program Promotional Video

Live Theatre Productions and Roles:

  • 2017: Actress in “This is My Calling: Women’s Journeys into Activism”

A short play created for The Global Women’s Institute. Click here to read more.

  • 2016: DC Seven

In March, Zinhle performed in the D.C. rendition of the international play SEVEN. SEVEN tells the stories and struggles of seven women from around the world whose courage caused them to become extraordinary leaders. As part of the inaugural DC SEVEN production, she performed at the D.C. Swedish Embassy.

  • 2015: Featured Spoken Word Artist at The Censored Women’s Film Festival
  • 2015: Zinhle’s acapella group, The GW Vibes, was selected to perform Disney World on the Waterfront.
  • 2014: Several Roles in GW’s Parent Scenes from College Life
  • 2014: The Cradle Will Rock as Yasha

• 2013: “Carrie: The Musical” as Helen


• 2012:  “Bye, Bye Birdie!” as Rosie

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