Before Facebook there was MySpace. Before selfies there were self portraits. As a middle schooler in search of the perfect profile picture, Zinhle placed her hands on a camera. What started as a series of self portraits became one of her most beloved crafts. Her first year at GW, Zinhle’s photography was selected for the FotoWeek DC competition. Zinhle photographs locations and events; but, her favorite subjects to photograph are people.  Press the “Contact” tab to inquire about rates and visit Zinhle’s Flickr to see more.



Zinhle photographs students in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. She hosts on fun and relaxing photo sessions that emphasize essence — bringing out the spirit of a person. Friendship (group) sessions are available as well as DVDs and social media image packages as well. Press the “Contact” tab to request rates and additional information.



Zinhle loves capturing the little moments at big events. She has photographed birthday parties, panel discussions, presidential addresses and everything in between.



Zinhle is a frequent flyer and experienced traveller. She has travelled to — Norway, England, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Nicaragua, Canada, Puerto Rico and throughout the continental U.S. Zinhle is interested in domestic and international reporting.


Zinhle began learning about food culture and sustainability when she ventured into vegetarianism in 2012. Since then, worked at Planet Forward as the Video and Television Production lead intern, where she developed video segments on sustainability, agriculture for the Feeding the Planet Summit hosted in partnership with USDA, Gannet Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Below, are images from her foodie explorations, around the world. Follow her foodie adventures on Instagram by searching for the hashtag: #znomz



Why run away, when you can run towards? Zinhle’s interest in conflict reporting led her to Ferguson, Missouri and the nation’s capitol. She has experience documenting protests and marches and filming in developing countries. Please, press the “Contact” tab for freelance opportunities.

#BlackLivesMatter Protest





As campus groups and companies look to revamp their online brand, Zinhle captures the spirit of each organization through photographs tailored to the organization’s personality and culture.