Pre-Portrait Tips

Hello! So, you’re about to have a portrait session with SimplyZinhle Productions! Here are a few tips to keep you looking your best!

General care:

  • Be mindful and hydrate well in the days leading up to your photo session. Your skin will thank you!
  • Get a good night’s sleep! If you’re exhausted you’re more prone to dark circles under your eyes + your face may bloat up a bit — no fun for anyone!
  • Eat! Don’t skip a meal. If you’re hungry, it’ll show on your face (and your belly will feel it too).
  • Makeup! Particularly, foundation, which will even out your skin tone.  Mascara can really brighten your eyes.
  • Brush your teeth! Hopefully, a given. The camera wants to see those pearly whites!
  • Hair! Brush it, comb it, pin it! Do what you need to do to have it look how you’d like. Please, keep in mind the impact wind and other natural elements have on your hair.


  • Please iron and wash your clothes and make sure you’re looking wrinkle + dirt free!
  • Avoid wearing pure white, as it can wash out people with lighter skin tones and be a hard contrast for people with darker skin tones. Cream is okay, but in general, stick to jewel tones.
  • Which leads to — wear jewel tones if you own any! It really makes everyone look great (you can ask Oprah)! These tones bring out some of the best colors in your skin tone.


Sample jewel tone colors. Image from:

  • Wear a flattering neckline! V necks and sweetheart tops are some of my personal favorites. Please, no plunging necklines. Avoid turtle-necks and choker-style jewelry that doesn’t frame your chest area well.


  • Practice posing and smiling in the mirror! It may sound goofy, but it’ll help you prepare and know what poses you prefer while I’m snapping away.
  • Have fun! Portraits are a reflection of YOU! So, most importantly, do and wear what makes you feel comfortable!

See you soon!

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